4th Basra International Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition

6-7 December 2013 / Basra, Iraq


4th Basra Oil & Gas International Conference will be held on 6th and 7th December 2013 in Basra International Fair Ground after the great success of the first, second and third editions of the event event which were held in Basra in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

This Event, through its Conference, will enable the Explorationists, Geoscientists and Engineers from the Oil and Gas Industry, Service and Manufacturing Companies, Finance, Universities and R & D institutions, to share their expertise, exchange ideas and experiences, update their knowledge and skills and discuss the latest progress and challenges facing the Petroleum Industry as well as, of course, networking and relational development.

4th Basra International Oil & Gas Conference will be managed by Mr. Falah Al-Khawaja after the great impression of the previous editions. As being a highly experienced and well known industry expert in Iraq Oil & Gas Industry, Mr. Falah’s guidance and contribution in the conference about the current & future of Iraq Oil & Gas industry will attract great interest of all delegates as in last year.

Mr. Falah Al-Khawaja is an independent Petroleum & Engineering Consultant working on Retainer Basis since his retirement from the Iraqi Government Energy sector in August 2008 after a service lasting 42 years. His last positions included:

  • Director General of State Company of Oil Projects (SCOP)

  • Director General of Administration & Legal Affairs in the Ministry of Oil

  • Commercial Manager of the Ministry of Oil

He is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the British Institution of Electrical Engineers (FIEE). He holds a BSc. (Honors) in Electrical Engineering (1965) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Telecommunications Technology (1972). He started his working life as a Project Engineer for the 160 MW Daura Power Station in Baghdad, then joined the now called North Oil Company (NOC) in Kirkuk working on Telecoms and Management. He returned to Baghdad, after 32 years as an Expert in the Ministry of Oil in 1999. He has authored many papers on Telecoms, HR Incentives, Oil Strategies, and Politics. He is a regular writer for MEES.

4th Basra International Oil and Gas Conference
6-7 December 2013, Basra / Iraq
Basrah International Fair Ground, Conference Hall



Conference Program


Keynote Session
Moderator: Falah Al-Khawaja

* Marc Hornbrook, General Manager, Rumaila Operating Organization
Modernization of Iraq’s Rumaila oilfield

* Dr. Usama F. A. Karim, Senior Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs, Iraq
Outlook of Iraq Energy: IEA findings and their significance for Iraq oil industry

* Naji Majdalani, Senior Sales Leader & Palak D. Pasad, Regional Marketing Leader, GE Oil & Gas
Power to Lift – Leveraging Associated Gas to power ESPs

Session 1: Iraq O&G production, export and exploration targets and progress
Moderator: Zahra Al-Hummadi

* Falah Al-Khawaja, Former Director General, State Company for Oil Projects
Iraq’s planned oil production and export targets

* Ali Abu Iraq, Basra Correspondent, Iraq Oil Report
Progress in the development of Iraq's major fields

Session 2: World Oil & Gas supply and demand
Moderator: Dr. Ahmed Breihi

* Falah Al-Khawaja, Former Director General, State Company for Oil Projects
World Oil Supply and Demand up to 2035

* Chris Faulkner, CEO, Breitling Oil and Gas
US Energy Renaissance Shifts Power Away from the Middle East

Session 3: Progress in Infrastructure and Storage
Moderator: Jabbar Luaibi

* Ali Alwash, Director of Operations, State Company for Oil Projects
Iraq Oil& Gas Outlook

* Zahra Al-Hummadi, Head of Process, State Company for Oil Projects
Some Major Oil Infrastructure Projects

* Mohd Ali Zahid, Chief Design Engineer-South, State Company for Oil Projects
Review in Crude Storages Tanks Farms in South of Iraq

* J.F. (Frits) Doddema, Executive Vice President & Managing Director, Seal For Life Industries
Specifying pipeline coatings – What about appropriate design criteria?

* Karim Muhsin Al Sullami, Director Corrosion & Cathodic Protection Division, Silk Road Group
Corrosion Protection of Iraq Crude Oil Export Pipelines

* Rakesh Bhatiya, Regional Director-After sales (MENACA region), EagleBurgmann
Mechanical Seals with DiamondFace® Technology used in Crude Oil

Session 4: Drilling, Power, Telecoms and Water
Moderator: Falah Al-Khawaja

* Hervé FAUJOUR, Technical & Performance Director, Middle East, Veolia Environnement
Meeting Water Treatment Challenges in the Oil & Gas industry in complex environment

* Jabbar Luaibi, Former Director General, South Oil Company
Drilling & Services

* Ali Al-Lawati, Senior Business Development Manager, Redline Communications
Terrestrial Wireless Broadband enables Smart Drilling

* Ozgur Umut Eroğlu, CEO and Vice Chairman, GAMA Power Systems Inc.
Economic feasibility of combined cycle power plants compared to simple cycle power plants.

* Uta Dammann, Director Telecoms/Oil and Gas , Inspiriton Solutions Ltd
Machine to machine (M2M) Communication in Oil and Gas - the internet of things to come


Session 5: Management of Oil Revenues
Moderator: Natik Al-Bayati

* Hans van Nues, Senior Director, Ernst & Young
Planning Strategy

* Dr Ahmed Breihi, Member of the Board of Directors, Iraqi Central Bank
Optimum Utilization of Petroleum Resources

Session 6: Panel on the Integrated Energy Strategy
Moderator: Natik Al-Bayati

* Prof Ali Al-Mashat, Advisor, Advisory Commission Iraq Prime Minister's Office
Iraq National Energy Strategy (INES)

* Prof. Dr. Usama Karim, Senior Advisor for the Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq for Energy Affairs
Oil produced-water management from source to final use: state of the art de-oiling and desalination research

* Khaled Fouad, Senior Investment Manager Iraq, GroFin
Private Sector Development through investment, knowledge transfer and market linkages

Session 7: Technology and Training
Moderator: Prof. Dr. Usama Karim

* Paul P.M. Koop, President, Quercus Technical Services B.V
Bridging the skills gap

* Aows Dargazali, CEO, University House for Consultation and Studies – Unihouse
Iraq Training, Capacity Building Challenges Implementation for the IOCs

Session 8: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Moderator: Ali Alwash

* Falah Al-Khawaja, Former Director General of State Company for Oil Projects
Winning hearts and minds

* Jabbar Luaibi, Former Director General, South Oil Company
CSR in Basra

Panel: HSE
Moderator: Falah Al-Khawaja

* Ali Alwash, Director of Operations, State Company for Oil Projects

HSE in Construction Work

* Waseem Atiah, General Manager, Fleet Management Systems International
Road safety innovative technologies- In-vehicle monitoring systems (IVMS)

* Ashraf Sameh Ibrahim, QHSE Manager, Renaissance Services SAOG
Human Error

* Vincent Koop, Quercus Technical Services B.V.
Safety and Competency Management in the Oil Industry: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

* Closing Remarks


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