Ctc: Ziad Harb
Tel: +961 1 482211
Mob: +961 3184288
Ctc: Elie Saade
Tel: +964 (0) 770 642 6969
Mob: + 964 (0) 770 6666495

BCC is appointed as the official freight forwarder for the 5th Basra Oil &Gas Exhibition.

It is essential that all exhibitors and participants are aware of the above.

Organizers recommend that you deal with BCC from the start to avoid any confusion and delays in delivery. BCC will be guiding you by advising deadlines, best airport/seaport of entry and will be facilitating clearance procedure benefiting from the prepared exemption letter. For further clarification and coordination please contact BCC on the above mentioned contact details.

Under no circumstances will Organizers be responsible for any delays in clearing whole or partial shipments from the Iraqi customs and delivering them to their booths.