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Explore the largest and most dedicated oil & gas event of Iraq and make valuable contacts.

6th Basra Oil & Gas Show

Solidarity, Success and Connectivity ( come alive at Basra Oil & Gas International Conference and Exhibition )

6 Years of continuum and dedication story of Basra Oil & Gas International Conference and Exhibition has welcomed and connected hundreds of sectoral players and tens of thousands interested visitors with state company officials of Iraqi oil & gas industry.

Iraq’s proven reserves and growing market excite all domestic and international professionals, entrepreneurs and IOCs’ who are looking at ways to explore, invest and harvest in one of the developing countries of Middle East. Over the five years, we are very proud to provide those ways and means; enter the largest and most succesful networking and displaying ground of Basra, Iraq: 6th Basra Oil & Gas along with both conference and exhibition sections bringing international proximity up close for all interested parties.

Exhibition section creates the opportunity to display your services, products, projects and quality while the conference section which has been planned and co-organized with EAGE in the 6th edition gathered sector professionals, equipped engineers, international companies and state company officials with technical acuity.

We are inviting all interested parties to participate the 7th edition and would like to remind you that early bird period will continue for a very limited time on both stand – sponsorship bookings…

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